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How We Work

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' - Lao Tzu

In-Dependence is a contemporary counselling programme for addictions. Its holistic approach brings together the most up-to-date treatments for dependency on alcohol, substances, obsessional behaviours, internet gaming, food, spending, sex and relationships.

Most people have some experience of addiction or dependency, be it to drink, pills, a particular food or habit. Addictive behaviours can develop into obsessional compulsive disorder or other disabling conditions. We enable people to identify their stage of dependency and equip them to tackle it, maximising their personal resources.

Addiction affects the whole person - physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. In-Dependence works together with The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare to promote long-term recovery through a combination of counselling, lifestyle balance, natural medicine and fitness programmes. Counselling provides the tools for understanding and overcoming the addiction; group therapy is educational and gives mutual support; natural therapies restore the body; mindfulness meditation develops self-awareness and eliminates cravings.

With addiction there are common threads as well as unique components. We develop a recovery package focusing on the individual.