Photo of Sarah Summerson

Sarah Summerson

Sarah has over 20 years' experience in the addictions field as a counsellor, group facilitator, trainer and programme developer, both in the public and private sector. She set up a substance misuse day programme in Hertfordshire, an HIV counselling service in Coventry and Warwickshire and a volunteer programme for Buckinghamshire drugs services.

In response to demand from clients and funders, in 2004 Sarah founded In-Dependence Addiction Therapy Limited. In-Dependence brought together a team experienced and trained in both addiction treatment and counselling. Berkshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team commissioned In-Dependence to provide aftercare counselling and recovery groups as part of their countywide drugs strategy. Clients were drawn to the therapeutic approach and achieved the benefits of long-term recovery.

Sarah believes that addiction - whether to alcohol, shopping, food, drugs or the internet -is endemic to society and that serious addictions are difficult to overcome without professional help. Her aim is to make addiction therapy available as widely as possible to individuals and their families. The In-Dependence approach is holistic, working to heal the whole person not just fix their addictive behaviours.

Sarah works with whatever issues underlie client' addictions: her specialist areas of counselling are past experiences of abuse and trauma. Sarah is also a trained spiritual mentor - she finds that people in recovery from addiction often re-evaluate their spiritual lives and benefit from talking with a trained listener.