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Spiritual Mentoring

'Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle'

People in recovery from dependency experience a sense of freedom that can be at times daunting, exciting, confusing, overwhelming or empty. Where the dependency took up time, energy and money, there may be a gap left that is hard to fill: many liken this experience to bereavement.

People deal with this life change in different ways: they may replace the dependency with another addiction, throw themselves into work, fall into depression or find new hobbies. For some this is an opportunity to focus on their spiritual life to look for deeper meaning or re-evaluate priorities. Early recovery is a vulnerable time, when people may be tempted to follow others' direction because they lack faith in themselves. Mentoring provides tools to discern your true path, so that you go where you are drawn not where you are led.

A spiritual mentor is trained to hear your questions, offer insights and help you respond from your own inner wisdom questions such as 'How do I find meaning in my life?', 'How do I fill the gap after addiction?','Should I follow a particular practice?' or 'How can I find inner peace?'. The Seven Stages of Recovery model provides a framework for this process of refocusing.

Mentoring sessions are normally less frequent than counselling and arranged on a one-off basis.